Great Crime Tour Of London

It’d be absolutely criminal not to go…

Great Crime Tour of London

From the days of Roman rule through the Victorian era all the way to today’s urban jungle, London has always been one of the civilised world’s most famous cities; prosperous, rich… and ripe for the immoral amongst us to capitalise. Great Crime Tour Of London tour focuses upon the murders, misdemeanours and malevolent crimes that have taken place throughout London’s great (and bloody!) history.


From gangsters, robberies and jewellery thefts to art heists and political scandals by way of even more outlandish tales –  Princess Diana’s death and the bizarre conspiracy surrounding the Beatles (seriously, it has to be heard to be “believed”!) chief amongst these –  the Crime Tour is an absolutely enthralling and exciting walk around the city, bound to cause intrigue in even the most sceptical and seasoned of travellers. And you thought London was just full of palaces and posh people…


The tour starts under Hungerford Bridge in the Southbank and continues in the City which is the oldest part of London. Most of the tour takes place along the river Thames and the bright lights of the city reflected in the water at night will definitely add the spirit of adventure to this already high-spirited tour. The tour guide will stop near Tower Bridge, the Monument, Leadenhall Market and ITV Studios amongst others to share some stories that will reveal a new side of London to you.

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An exploration of the very best crime stories throughout London’s history.

  • A completely different take on the capital, one you won’t find elsewhere;
  • Hear from an expert guide on how the capital has evolved, and how crime in the city has evolved with it;
  • Spans years of London’s history, from gangland violence and bank robberies to more elaborate crimes such as political conspiracies and art heists;
  • Fascinating, entertaining and will appeal to those who like their news a little grislier than usual.

Important information: As the tour takes place at night, in all seasons and all weather, appropriate clothing is recommended, as is the right footwear and an absence of a squeamish side!

Availability: every Saturday.

Duration: 2.5 hours

Cancellation policy: No refunds available.

Children: It may be a tad unsuitable for the very young, what with grisly murders and villains abound! But from the ages of 8 or so upwards, your kids will love it as much as you, if not even more so.

Departure point: underneath the Hungerford Bridge (sometimes named the Charing Cross Bridge) on the Southbank side of the river Thames

How to get there: The nearest train station is Waterloo (which serves both national rail and a tubeline), so if you exit the station and follow the signs towards the South Bank it will be easy enough to locate.