Graffiti Tour Of London

Spray your way into history!

Street Art Tour London

If you’re interested in knowing how to write your name in gigantic bubble letters, then this tour may well be the one for you! Otherwise, if you’re simply interested in learning the history of graffiti art, from cave paintings and Roman ruins to urban society’s way of transmitting social unrest and rebellion around the world, and some of the uniquely talented artists who work on the streets today, then this tour may also be for you!


In one of London’s most hip and happening areas, Shoreditch, you’ll walk the area and see works from incredible graffiti artists such as the infamous Banksy, and lesser known but equally talented names like Shepard Fairey, Stik, Invader and more. A fantastic way of broadening your horizons of the contemporary art scene without having to visit, and something uniquely different from London’s typical tourist sights.

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Explore the changing street art scene in London’s urban Shoreditch area.

  • See one of London’s trendiest areas in the East End;
  • Learn about the history of graffiti, from its beginnings as cave paintings and its advertisements for prostitution in the Roman era, to its modern uses;
  • Gain influence from the very best street artists working today, and explore some of their finest works: some of which carry powerful social messages, some of which are just wonderful visual treats;
  • Enthusiastic guides who know the area, know the art and know their audience.

Important information: The tour will take around two and a half hours to complete, and contains a large amount of walking, so dress appropriately. The tour takes place in whatever weather; so even if the paint doesn’t streak, your hair gel will! Prepare for whatever occasion.

Availability: The tour’s available Saturday at 3pm, and will cost £20 per person.

Cancellation policy: No refunds available.

Children: Children are welcome, and may become so inspired by the art that they go home and doodle all over your walls. You can’t curb their creativity.

How to get there: Conveniently, the tour starts outside Shoreditch High Street Station’s main entrance, so it’s merely a case of making your way there. It’s not served by tubes unfortunately, so an overground travel card or ticket will be needed.