Churchill War Rooms

Churchill War Rooms

Take a step back in time into a place where the future of the world as we now know it hung in the balance. The Churchill War Rooms are the immaculately preserved secret bunker that Winston Churchill and some the of the most influential British decision makers used during World War II.


Located directly under the State Treasury building, the bunker was used by the British command center during one of the bloodiest and most gruesome wars in modern times. Winston Churchill used this space as his personal office and bedroom during the war. It is hard to believe that the bunker was virtually abandoned for over 30 years until Margaret Thatcher, an avid admirer of Churchill, facilitated public access to this once secret place.


The low ceilings, cramped rooms, silent typewriter, military maps with thread marking the active fronts, telephone for direct communication with the Pentagon are all almost exactly as they were during the time that this place was in use. You can even see a sugar cube which was once part of a food ration found in one of the draws. A visit to the bunker will give you an insight into the tense atmosphere surrounding military decisions in WWII but also into the legendary Churchill’s private life. His personal belongings are on display and visitors are treated to recordings of his famous radio addresses.

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Dive into the history of one of London’s most iconic politicians at the Churchill War Rooms.

  • A fascinating tour of the British command headquarters during World War II;
  • A visit to an interactive museum dedicated to the life of the iconic British Prime Minister Winston Churchill.
  • Free audio guide in 8 languages (English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Hebrew and Mandarin)
  • A family guide and a descriptive guide for visitors with visual impairment are also available

Availability: daily from 9.30am till 6pm

Cancellation policy: no refunds available

Children: children under the age of 5 go free

How to get there: the museum is a walking distance from Charing Cross, St. James Park or Westminster Underground Stations. The museum is located on King Charles Street on the basement of HM Treasury.