10 Must-Do things in London

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To say you’re tired of London would be like saying you’re tired of life (so says Samuel Johnson, creator of the first English Language Dictionary). But believe me, aimless wandering through the bustling streets of the British capital can be very tedious. Therefore it’s best to plan in advance! We have already prepared of list of ten things you can do whether it’s your first trip to London or your hundreth.


1. Drinking champagne in “The Langham”

Радио Руфтоп Бар ЛондонThis luxury hotel on Regent Street is the first grand hotel in Europe. Back in 1889 there was a historic meeting held: the meeting of genius minds Oscar Wilde and Arthur Conan Doyle. The latter, incidentally, immortalised the Langham Hotel in the Sherlock Holmes stories “The Sign of Four” and “A Scandal in Bohemia”. This alone is reason enough to drink at the hotel bar, metres away from where two greats of English Literature once sat.


2. Eating steak at “ME London”

The brand new 5-star hotel, located on The Strand, is just a few minutes walk from Covent Garden and is famous for two things: firstly, branded steaks are served in the trendy lounge restaurant STK London (located on the first floor of the building). Secondly, the ME London offers an excellent view of the city from the 10th floor of the hotel, where there is a cocktail bar named Radio Rooftop. Both the steak and the cocktails are equally worth your attention.


3. Seeing a musical in the West End

The main thing here is to make the right choice. There’s endless amounts of musicals to see in London’s West End, all diverse and all brilliant. If pressed for time, pick just one. The classics are “Phantom of the Opera” if the kids aren’t in tow, and “The Lion King” if they are!

Phantom of the Opera” is a touching love story between a young singer and a disfigured musical genius, and contains fantastic music by award-winning composer Andrew Lloyd Webber. And “The Lion King” is a theatrical adaptation of the beloved Disney cartoon: here in all their glory are Simba and his friends, parents and foes. Children will be delighted. In general, you cannot go wrong. Hakuna Matata, so they say.


The Phantom of the Opera Show and Dinner Packages

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4. Afternoon tea at Fortnum & Mason

Afternoon tea – it’s a tradition. Same as conversing about the weather and mowing the grass. It may be too expensive to arrange a ceremonial tea party every day, but not treating yourself to it at least once is a sin. The best place for afternoon tea in London is the tea salon in Fortnum & Mason on Piccadilly. The elegant interior, excellent champagne, rare varieties of tea and the delicious desserts will no doubt keep you happy.


Afternoon Tea at Fortnum & Mason

Fortnum & Mason’s traditional Diamond Jubilee Tea Salon on Piccadilly in London is the perfect place to have a quintessentially English high tea. The famous department store, located on Piccadilly Street just next to Green Park, serves...

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5. Shopping in Harrods

Шоппинг в Лондоне1It would be foolish to pass the world’s most famous department store and not pay it a visit. Yes, the prices are pretty extortionate, but it doesn’t cost to just have a look! We recommend starting with a tour of the top floor and gradually descending down. The mandatory sights to see are the Egyptian escalators, the monuments to Princess Diana  and Dodi Fayed, the patisserie and food halls, and the departments selling Clive Christian perfume – the most expensive on the planet.


6. Exhibitions at the Royal Academy of Arts

The Royal Academy of Arts in Piccadilly almost goes unknown to tourists; you rarely see crowds milling around in confusion through the halls. If you want to avoid the hustle and bustle of the city but still treat yourself to aesthetic and artistic views, you couldn’t pick a better place. Painters of the Renaissance, the French Impressionists and Russian avant-garde art can be found here. Exhibitions are constantly changing, so be sure to check out the programme.


7. Dinner at Porters English Resturant

This cozy restaurant in Covent Garden is famous for excellent English cuisine. Their best dishes include the Norfolk Dressed Crab, the Steak, Guinness and Mushroom Pie, the Beer Battered Cod… I could go on. And for dessert – their Eton Mess is to die for. Stop dribbling on your keyboard.


8. Windsor Castle

Anyone curious about how Her Majesty The Queen lives could do far worse than go on a tour of Windsor Castle. While Buckingham Palace is open only in August and September each year Windsor Castle welcomes you all year round. And youu can watch the Changing of the Guards ceremony in Windsor Castle too!


Windsor Castle

The picturesque town of Windsor is just an hour's drive from bustling London. This quaint village will give you a taste of the English countryside and is the perfect way to experience real England.   The main attraction in the city,...

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9. St Paul’s Cathedral


Собор Святого Павла ЛондонSt Paul’s Cathedral, designed by Sir Christopher Wren, is a masterpiece of architecture in the style of an English Baroque. One of the many iconic landmarks of the British capital it is the spiritual symbol of strength and resilience of Londoners in the face of evil. Be sure to visit and enjoy the magnificent views of the city from the dome of the cathedral. Truly an incredible spectacle.


St. Paul's Cathedral

It is impossible to imagine London’s skyline without the white dome of St. Paul's Cathedral towering over modern skyscrapers.   The cathedral is peaceful and thrilling at the same time. The huge open space inside gives a feeling of...

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10. Churchill War Rooms

Want to see the place where the famous Prime Minister spent the turbulent years of World War II? Directly below the State Treasury is the unique museum bunker of Winston Churchill. Here, you’ll visit his private office (which also served as a bedroom), you’ll hear the famous radio address policies he made to the city, you’ll see the phone used for direct communication with Washington D.C.. In all, there will be an awful lot to learn about the almighty Churchill that you did not already know.


Churchill War Rooms

Take a step back in time into a place where the future of the world as we now know it hung in the balance. The Churchill War Rooms are the immaculately preserved secret bunker that Winston Churchill and some the of the most influential British...

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